Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska

Alaska! What is it about this great, unspoiled wilderness that is so alluring to some people? It is a destination that often requires a challenging and costly journey, with accommodations lacking creature comforts like hot water and dry socks, swarming with mosquitoes and other bloodthirsty critters, and completely cut off from communication with the outside world. Why are we willing to go to great expense and difficulty for the opportunity to abstain from comforts we strived for generations to obtain? Is it a longing for a simpler life, a desire to escape from city noises, smog-laden air and bumper-to-bumper traffic or simply a challenge to see how much we can handle? I would like to take you on an exciting adventure to the Kodiak islands in the Gulf of Alaska, a place laden with history and hidden secrets.

It’s a little known fact that most of the natives on the island are descendants of a group of Scandinavian men who arrived on Kodiak about 100 years ago, married Sugpiaq women, and raised large families. This explains why so many of the natives have names like Olson, Gustavson, Haakanson and Svenson. With its high mountains, clothed in emerald green and cut through with deep blue fjords, Kodiak has many similarities to the Scandinavian Peninsula.

I first came to Kodiak more than 25 years ago to film the Kodiak bear, the largest land carnivore on earth, but I found the islands so intriguing that I have returned year after year. For a documentary filmmaker, there is a never-ending source of inspiration in the dramatic landscapes, unique wildlife, and rich cultural history.  I would like to share some of my adventures in the wilderness, my experiences with the great bear, and my encounters with history through sunken ships and archeological digs.  I found a multitude of film projects on Kodiak, and I also developed friendships that will last a lifetime. Every time I return to Kodiak it feels like I’ve come home.

(Excerpt from “Kodiak, Alaska – The Island of the Great Bear”. The book can be purchased from Camera Q )

Don’t miss our first ”Kodiak Scandinavian Film and Culture and Festival” on Kodiak, Alaska, November 6-12, 2017. See Camera Q for more information.

One thought on “Kodiak, Alaska”

  1. I just purchased your book Stefan Quinth. It is truly fantastic! The photographs are fantastic and I look forward to reading every word (as my book just arrived today ). “Kodiak , Alaska -THE ISLAND OF THE GREAT BEAR “.

    I myself am documenting two Kodiak bear brother’s at the Marshfield Wildwood Zoo, Marshfield Wisconsin.

    I’ve been documenting the cubs since they arrived in October 2015.
    Thesee two rescued Kodiak brothers were donated to Wildwood Zoo from the Alaskan Department of Fish and Wildlife, specifically Nate Svoboda was involved in the rescue mission.

    I’ve been keeping Nate Svoboda updated on the cubs growth and development.
    As an artist, the cubs have become part of my artwork and I keep a blog on the cubs.
    I will always cherish your book and will explore your other book’s and video’s!

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